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Sigma Cyclecomputer ROX 10.0 GPS Set white (01001)

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Sigma Cyclecomputer ROX 10.0 GPS Set white (01001)   ROX®10.0 GPS - The Guide! You... more
Product information "Sigma Cyclecomputer ROX 10.0 GPS Set white (01001)"
Sigma Cyclecomputer ROX 10.0 GPS Set white (01001)
ROX®10.0 GPS - The Guide! You asked for it and we delivered. The ROX®10.0 GPS is the first SIGMA bike computer with GPS - The features you need, the price you want from the brand you trust.
The ROX®10.0 GPS comes equipped with a GPS receiver, route navigation and ANT+ wireless transmission technology. With the included Data Center 3 evaluation, planning and mapping software, the ROX®10.0 GPS is the perfect companion for any professional athlete in training.
SET - Contents ROX 10 GPS Black
   ROX 10
   ANT+ Speed transmitter
   ANT+ Cadence transmitter
   USB Charger
   GPS route navigation
   Heart rate
   Digital three axis compass
   Altitude IAC+
   Elevation profile in graph format Gradient and rate of ascent
   ANT+ transmission technology
   Power compatible (ANT+) or calculates power without power meter
   Lap counter
   249-hour log capacity
   MICRO USB connection
   Includes DATA CENTER 3 with mapping functions
Ease of use
The ROX®10.0 GPS is operated in a simple, logical manner using six buttons. A permanently visible navigation toolbar makes it even more user friendly.
Reading comfort
As with all SIGMA BIKE COMPUTERS, the display has a clear layout and is easy to read thanks to the digits being up to 25% larger than those on the ROX 9.1. The 1.7" full dot-matrix LCD and optimized font provide outstanding legibility during trips. The super bright backlight allows you to see your data in low light conditions.
Product design
The design of the ROX®10.0 GPS is based on the dynamic lines of sports cars. The wedge shape symbolizes speed. The lines are fluid, giving the device an overall soft appearance. Characteristic features, joints and fine edges, steps and recesses, as well as contrasting features within the finish (shiny and matte) give the device its unmistakable appearance. The operating elements are ergonomically positioned and easily accessible. Design is about more than just shape; it is about practicality. A harmonious balance exists between the product's aesthetics and function.
BUTLER 2450 handlebar mount
The Butler can be used on any 31.8 mm handlebar and places any ROX model comfortably in front of you while riding.
The ROX®10.0 GPS with SiRFstarIII GPS receiver can be used for outstanding route navigation along a previously loaded or already saved route. The five navigation functions and graph based illustration of the route progress on the display offer excellent route guidance. The navigation functions include 'time to destination', 'distance to destination', 'off-track alarm', 'waypoint alarm', 'wrong direction alarm', and the 'track view'.
Power Meter Compatibility
In addition to the tried and tested power calculation of the ROX series, all power meters using ANT+ transmission technology can be paired to the ROX®10.0 GPS.
Power target zone
Define the upper and lower thresholds in watts. Once defined, the device indicates in graph format and audibly if the rider is outside the zone.
Intelligent Altitude Calibration
The IAC+ (intelligent altitude calibration plus) makes calibrating the altitude simple. The altitude can be defined by the current altitude, the starting altitude or the air pressure. In addition, the altitude measurement is frozen when the device is in standby mode and restarted again at the last stored altitude in active mode. This prevents undesired altitude changes due to the constantly changing weather. The IAC+ technology makes it possible to store the position each time the user calibrates the device. The altitude is then automatically calibrated each time this location is reached. The locations can be viewed in the altitude point list.
Lap Counter
Laps can be evaluated in detail with 20 different functions recorded per lap. If you use the lap counter, a pop-up window opens in which the three to six previously defined functions are displayed.
The ROX®10.0 GPS stores all data with a recording interval as short as one second. The recording intervals can also be increased if such frequent saving is not required (1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 30 sec). The position, altitude, speed, distance, cadence, heart rate, time, temperature, incline, and power are all saved.
Training analysis with DATA CENTER 3
Before setting off on a ride, the DATA CENTER 3 can be used to create a route which can be transmitted to the ROX®10.0 GPS. After training, the data can be downloaded and analyzed on a Mac or PC. DATA CENTER 3 can be used to transfer GPS data and conduct comprehensive statistical and graph-based evaluation of all the recorded data.
ECG accurate
The technology used by SIGMA SPORT to measure heart rate is based on electrocardiographic measurements. The ECG accuracy is regularly validated during development and quality-control testing.
Intensity zones
The ROX®10.0 GPS has four standardized or customizable intensity zones. The display shows the amount of time spent in each zone throughout the training session as well as the current intensity zone. The default intensity zones settings are BE1, BE1/2, BE2 and CE.
   BE1: Basic endurance 1, 60-70% of the HR max
   BE1/2: Basic endurance 1/2, 70-80% of the HR max
   BE2: Basic endurance 2, 80-90 % of the HR max
   CE: Competition endurance, 90-100% of the HR max
Target Zone
A defined heart rate in which the rider should train. Riders can choose between the customized zone, the fitness zone or the fat burning zone or choose to disable this function. The device indicates in graph format and audibly if the rider leaves the zone.
Favorites A + B
Of the 87 functions, up to 10 can be defined at a time in BIKE COMPUTER mode, six in track mode, six in elevation profile mode and six in the lap display.
Short Menu
During a training session, the short menu can be accessed by pressing a two button combination. This can be used to quickly switch between favorites A and B, load a track, make important track settings, define the target zone, switch the auto-pause function on and off, calibrate the altitude, select the bike, or calibrate the digital three-axis compass.
The ROX®10.0 GPS is watertight per IPX 7. This means protection against water entry at temporary (30 min.) immersion at a depth of approx. 1 m. This is regularly confirmed in quality control testing and during test rides.
ANT+ transmission technology
img antsender
The use of wireless, digital ANT+ transmission technology is common in bicycle electronics. All ANT+ compatible devices can communicate with each other as long as they have been 'paired'. Most power meters are ANT+ based.
The ROX®10.0 GPS heart rate, speed, and cadence transmitters also transmit their data using ANT+. Current values are transmitted every second.
Users can easily change the batteries themselves.
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